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Posted 26/3/2019 by Jane Gibb

Net Talent is the kind of place where careers go places, and Darren is here to prove it. He thrives on the chance to bring the best opportunities together with the best candidates, helping professionals find their dream jobs. And, when he’s not tackling the challenges of recruitment, you’ll find him on the pitch playing (semi-pro) football or doing a spot of (decidedly amateur) DIY around the house.


Meet Darren, our Associate Director.           



Hi Darren! Thanks for taking the time to chat. You’ve had an amazing start to your career with Net Talent - can you tell us a bit about your background first?

Before Net Talent, my background revolved mainly around sports – especially football. I combined my school studies with professional youth football, then after school went on to play professional football for a spell before studying Sports Science at the University of Stirling, where I was awarded a scholarship to compete for the men’s football team on a full time basis. 


Impressive! So, how did you become interested in recruitment?

After spending the majority of my life involved in sports, I decided that I wanted my career to move into a different field upon graduation. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do exactly, but I knew my strengths and the environment I would need to excel in my career. I love working in high energy, fast paced and competitive environments and have a passion for working with people. Recruitment ticked a lot of the boxes so I decided to explore it further!


How did you end up at Net Talent?

It all started straight after University, when I had no previous experience in recruitment – but bags of energy and a point to prove! I had done some research and short listed a few companies that I wanted to explore a career with. It all started with a call with our sales director Derek, which went very well and I could tell there were really good vibes about Net Talent. After interviewing and meeting the team, I just knew it was the company for me. Net Talent really stood out in a busy market place and I just loved the energy, potential and environment that Net Talent had at that time and I’ve never looked back. It’s been the best decision I’ve made so far!


We agree! Can you tell us about your role at Net Talent?

Since joining Net Talent as a fresh graduate, I’ve had many different roles in my career so far. In my current role as Associate Director, I am in charge of the Delivery function in Edinburgh. I currently lead and manage a talented team of consultants and account managers, where we pride ourselves in providing exceptional service to our clients and headhunting elusive talent across the UK and the USA. I help to build relationships with a range of world class companies, from FTSE 100 to brand new start-ups and strengthen our partnership with them. I love this aspect of the job – building relationships with a range of people is truly rewarding. I am also heavily involved in working with candidates and helping guide candidates through the recruitment process. There is no better feeling than helping a candidate land their dream job with a top company and being able to play a key part in their career progression.


What’s your favourite thing about Net Talent?

The people! We are lucky to have an office full of truly brilliant consultants. We really are only as good as the people who work for us, so luckily that makes us fantastic! To be able to share an office with our CEO every day and have a truly open, honest and transparent culture is something that is unique and massively rewarding.


What has been your proudest achievement to date?

It’s so hard to say. Without sounding cheesy, Net Talent is a company where we all achieve so much so regularly. There are measurable achievements and rewards, which acknowledge individual performance. We also have one of the best career progression plans on the market, which I’ve been lucky to be a part of too. Whilst intangible, I’d have to say playing a small part over the last few years in helping to shape Net Talent into the market leading company we are today and helping to develop the careers of some absolutely exceptional colleagues. It’s been a joy to see the company and the individuals in the team flourish over the past few years and I can’t wait to see what the next few years will bring!


Thanks Darren!


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We recruit people who demonstrate the right attitude and behaviours and coach and mentor them in our working philosophy and practice. This includes those searching for a professional career, as well as a number of recent graduates. The result is a team of like-minded people who actively enjoy each other’s company and instinctively know how to do the right thing.

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