Careers Evening with local School

Posted 15/1/2018 by Yvonne Moffat

Careers Evening at local School 

We have in the past had students come to Net Talent on a work placement and decided that we would go to their Careers Evening this year to educate them on a Career in Recruitment.

Lots of students have a plan on the Uni they want to go to but no idea what career that could evolve after they graduate.  It was a very worthwhile evening with lots of students excited about their future and to learn more about our Industry rather than falling into recruitment which most of have done.

We take on a number of Grads and train them in our industry and have many success stories that we can share.  One of which is our Darren Dalrymple who is now an Associate Director and he has been with us for only 5 years, he came to us after he graduated as “someone had mentioned that he would enjoy recruitment”.  He not only enjoys it he is a brilliant recruiter, he works with a number of grads who come to us to learn about our industry.

Recruitment is certainly a very exciting career and very rewarding as you have an opportunity to change a person’s life in some cases with the most incredible careers.

I am very proud of our company, and it’s very important to continue to invest in our staff not only in training but to listen to their plans, goals and ambitions providing support and ongoing development to ensure they achieve their aspirations.

If you would like to know more about a career in Recruitment with Net Talent please give us a call on 0845 270 9010


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