Five Ways to Source more diverse Talent...

Posted 19/8/2020 by Yvonne Moffat

Interesting article from People Management 

Engage in a specialist recruitment firm 

Specialist recruitment firms that understand how to embed diversity and inclusion throughout the hiring process can simplify the sourcing of more diverse talent, says Sandhu: “Engaging with specialist firms provides endless benefits in diversifying the talent pipeline. It is often the case that recruiters will have databases that are orientated towards the candidates they already work with, and this is not always inclusive of a diverse array of talent.”

He adds that these firms can also point out problem areas within the hiring process, feeding back on where a diverse candidate will be disadvantaged or where there is potential for bias.

However, while specialist firms are beneficial, “they need to be properly briefed and have a clear grasp of what the job entails [for firms] to get the most out of their services,” says McCartney. “Good communication with them during the process is key



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