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S1 Awards Judging Panel 2018

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

Our CEO is looking forward to being part of the Judging panel at this years S1 Awards.

“ I am delighted to be asked to support Gavin and his team on the judging panel this year” Yvonne said.

Good luck to everyone who is entering this year.




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Brilliant Day at the Rugby

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

We had a truly memorable day at the Rugby on Saturday at the Calcutta Cup.

Not only did our clients have a great time but the score was not too bad either!

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Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Huge Congratulations to Oliver Leaming who has been promoted to  Senior Recruitment Executive today.

Well done Olly fantastic work and dedication.

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Monday, February 19th, 2018

We are delighted to promote Sean Johnstone to a Senior Recruitment Executive, fantastic achievement.

He works so very hard and has developed a truly amazing relelationship with our clients and our team here.

Well Done Sean.

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#DDD Scotland

Thursday, February 15th, 2018

Saturday 3rd February Net Talent sponsored the fantastic DDD event in Glasgow.

We were approached by the team who were organising this event as they were looking for a specialist IT recruitment partner to not only fund but help facilitate this truly brilliant Development event in the heart of Glasgow.  Our mission is to be entrenched in the industry in which we recruit, and as technical recruiters, it would not be possible to service our clients and candidates in the best way possible without being industry experts. Having an involvement in #DDDScotland was a wonderful way for us to contribute, network and educate ourselves on the latest technology trends and developments.


Whilst listening to the fantastic speakers on Saturday, one overriding theme became apparent to us. A company, product or project is only as good as the people working on it. The best companies have the best people, it’s as simple as that. With the hiring landscape for developers more competitive than ever, it is important for companies to invest in recruitment, on-boarding and retention of staff. We understand the importance of recruitment, and how vital it is to hire the right people at the right time.

Net Talent are fortunate to partner with some of the very best companies throughout the UK, Europe and now in the USA. We are proud of the success we’ve had in delivering recruitment projects for a huge variety of companies, from FTSE 100 giants to brand new start-ups – where arguably hiring the right people is most important.

We feel thrilled to be so heavily involved and invested in the community and know this results in the best service on the market for both candidates seeking a new role and for the clients who are growing the development teams.


We’d like to thank all the organisers and volunteers for the part you played in making this event happen. The event was a roaring success and we thoroughly look forward to next time!


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Thursday, February 1st, 2018

Hugely well deserved promotion today for Ryan Watson to Associate Director.

He is not only an exceptional leader and trusted loyal committed individual he is an inspiration to all of us, we are very proud to announce this promotion today.


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Team Building after a fantastic Quarter 2

Monday, January 22nd, 2018

To Celebrate our fantastic Q2 results we organised a team event at the Edinburgh Cook School at Newliston.

What a truly fantastic afternoon it was, we were split into teams of 4,  given a short demonstration on how to prepare the individual dishes, then it was up to us with some lovely wines to help us along.

It was great to see everyone working together as teams and also striving to win The Best Team and Best / Worst Chef 🙂

Everyone agreed it was the best Team Building event we have ever done.

Bring on Q3!!


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Careers Evening at local School

Monday, January 15th, 2018

We have in the past had students come to Net Talent on a work placement and decided that we would go to their Careers Evening this year to educate them on a Career in Recruitment.

Lots of students have a plan on the Uni they want to go to but no idea what career that could evolve after they graduate.  It was a very worthwhile evening with lots of students excited about their future and to learn more about our Industry rather than falling into recruitment which most of have done.

We take on a number of Grads and train them in our industry and have many success stories that we can share .  One of which is our Darren Dalrymple who is now an Associate Director and he has been with us for only 5 years, he came to us after he graduated as “someone had mentioned that he would enjoy recruitment”.  He not only enjoys it he is a brilliant recruiter, he works with a number of grads who come to us to learn about our industry.

Recruitment is certainly a very exciting career and very rewarding as you have an opportunity to change a persons life in some cases with the most incredible careers.

I am very proud of our company, and its very important to continue to invest in our staff not only in training but to listen to their plans, goals and ambitions providing support and ongoing development to ensure they achieve their aspirations.

If you would like to know more about a career in Recruitment with Net Talent please give us a call on 0845 270 9010

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Net Talent Secret Santa

Friday, December 15th, 2017

Its SECRET SANTA day today 🙂

Bucks Fizz and Mince Pies to start our morning.

Looking forward to our night out tonight !

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Sleep in the Park

Thursday, December 14th, 2017

Hi Yvonne,

This is just an email to say THANK YOU for creating a movement to end homelessness in Scotland. THANK YOU for sleeping out! and THANK YOU for raising so much money!

You can see a thank you video that we put together from the night here: https://vimeo.com/246949595

Below is what you have helped achieve:

8,000 people experienced what it is like to sleep out on a cold winters night, and the spotlight was shone on the plight of homelessness.

In terms of money raised:

  • The amazing people sleeping out and their supporters raised an incredible £2.7m
  • Clydesdale Bank committed an additional £0.5m
  • We also received an anonymous donation of a further £0.5m

That brings the total raised so far to £3.7m!

Your friends, family and colleagues can still add to your total on your Virgin Money giving page.

In terms of housing:

  • EdIndex which includes The City of Edinburgh Council and a number of housing associations including Dunedin Canmore, Castle Rock Edinvar and Port of Leith Housing Association have collectively offered an amazing 275 homes for homeless people in Edinburgh
  • Wheatley Group has pledged an additional 200 homes for people in Glasgow and the central belt.
  • If you include the Social Bite Village, that’s 495 homes across the central belt!
  • We will now be working to find partnerships for similar commitments in other cities in Scotland

The money you have raised will help fund the support structure for the people moving into these tenancies. This will include addiction support, getting a bank account in their name, support with mental health, helping them into employment and more – removing them from the cycle of homelessness and finally including them IN our society.

Together we have taken a massive step toward ending homelessness in Scotland. With your support, we will continue to strive to take further steps across all of Scotland.

We will announce the final amount raised on Christmas Eve.

Once again from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Josh Littlejohn & Alice Thompson

Social Bite

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