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Helpful Information For Contractors

Thinking of taking on your first contract or perhaps you are a seasoned contractor? Either way, Net Talent are here to help. We boast a wealth of experience in contracting services and we are always available to give clients and candidates the advice you need. Here's some information to get you started.

Public Sector Changes and Legislation 2017 

Download Public Sector Changes and Legislation 2017.

First Time Contractor

There are several real positives with contracting and some key decisions on what route you take. Here are some things to consider: 

  • Many contractors enjoy the freedom of picking their projects and the challenge of working with different organisations and colleagues whilst earning more than they would in a permanent role.
  • Although contractors typically earn a higher day rate than permanent employees they lose some of the security and benefits that come with permanent employment such as paid holidays, pension, healthcare etc.
  • As a contractor, you are expected to come in and hit the ground running and may only stay with a company for a few months before moving on to something new. 
  • Contractors often travel for the best contracts - staying away during the week or for the duration of the contract.
  • You need to decide if you would like to use an umbrella company or your own limited company for payment. 
  • Net Talent can pay weekly or monthly and this will be clear in the contract.


Things you need to know

Our consultants have a thorough understanding on key legislative issues, PES (pre-employment screening), market rates etc. If there is anything you need to know please do not hesitate to get in touch. Here's some common things to get you started: 


  • Umbrella Companies: An umbrella company is an easy and effective way to get working as a contractor. Often it is set up by a firm of accountants who employs you as an employee and charges you a weekly / monthly fee in return for invoicing, VAT returns, general tax issues and book-keeping. We advise our first time contractors to look at this option an easy route to seeing if contracting is right for you before you jump in to setting up a limited company.


  • Limited Companies: Long term contractors generally use their own Limited Company by forming / buying a limited company and becoming a Director. Limited Companies can be set up online, via Companies House or via management companies.  All Limited company contractors must have the contractor as the named Director in the company, have a UK bank account and the company must be registered in the UK. The limited company is used as a 3rd party business-to-business agreement with Net Talent and contractors are responsible for tax, VAT and all book-keeping administration. 


  • Codes of Conduct & NDAs: You will likely be asked to sign codes of conduct and Non Disclosure Agreements. Be ready to sign and adhere to these in advance.


  • Criminal Record and Credit Checks: Some clients ask for credit check and / or a criminal record check so be prepared to fill these in and provide necessary documentation.


  • Other Documents: You will need to make sure you produce and or sign documents including: signed contracts, Visa documents and passport, references, proof of ID and residence, proof of insurance (if needed). 


  • Guides to contracting: IPSE have a number of informative guides to contracting which includes important legislative advice and what to expect. 


  • IR35: Net Talent aim to make our contracts as IR35 compliant as possible but we advise that you seek your own advice for your own peace of mind. IR35 advice can be found on The UK Government's site.  


  • Visa Information: To apply and undertake work with any of our clients you must have a valid UK work permit and will be asked to provide evidence of this. Immigration and visa advice can be found on The UK Government's site. 


Our Candidate Commitment

We believe in offering a first class recruitment experience to all of our clients and contractors and feel that day you start with us should be the start of an excellent contracting experience.  We have a candidate care commitment to help you. 

Day 1 – We will give you a check-in call to see how you get on.

Day 5 – Review of how things are going. We'll chat through how your first week has gone. 

Week 3 - Care call to see how you are getting on. 

Week 6 - Care call to see how you are getting on. 

Two weeks before the end of your assignment we will try to ensure and extension with our end client on your behalf or begin the process of pro-actively working on finding your next assignment.  We would love to retain you for all future contracts if we can.


Ready to start contracting?

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