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Full-Stack JavaScript Engineer

Full-stack JavaScript Engineer

Islington, London

£30,000 - £70,000 + exceptional benefits

Join an AI-driven revolution harnessing the power of data and analytics to transform how IT, and business in general, is conducted.

A mature start-up with multiple office locations, attracting some of the best engineering and data science talent in the UK, 2018 will see them embark on flagship, best-in-class product development.

You will be working on brand new product development: building, from scratch, a wholly integrated solution designed specifically with the precise needs of all end users in mind.

It makes heavy use of the latest predictive analytics, machine learning, and data insights techniques, leveraging the very best in innovative AI and software engineering to deliver a peerless application.

This organisation make full use of the JavaScript stack, with a heavy focus on Node.JS for server-side programming. We would love to speak with you if your experience covers the following:

*Development experience with Node.JS as the primary server-side language

*Experience with front-end UI tech and frameworks including React.JS, Angular.JS, Vue.JS etc.

* Sound knowledge of the latest JavaScript standards (i.e ES7)

*Proven experience in the high-level design of complex applications

*Knowledge of database like MySQL or PosgreSQL

*Data Visualisation libraries