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Compello Staffing Group

John Hailstone


John has spent 28 years in the Recruitment Industry in a number of consulting and directorship roles. The majority owner of Compello Staffing Group, the parent of Net Talent, John is responsible for the appointment of the board and working with it on strategic and business planning matters. John has an eye for detail and is very passionate about great service and collaborative working both in and outside of the group. His weekends are generally taken up by his young family but when he finds the time he can be found hacking his way around a golf course.

Lesley Taylor-Philip

Finance Director

Lesley gained a first class degree in applied maths before embarking on a successful accountancy career. She is responsible for overseeing all matters relating to Net Talent finances, supporting the board on business planning, financial forecasting and management. She has been with the Group for over 10 years and has additional responsibility as Group Finance Director and shareholder of Compello Staffing Group. Leslie has a head for heights and can be found hanging upside down at the climbing centre in her spare time.