We are thrilled to share that Net Talent has been selected for Culture 50 - The top 50 greatest recruitment companies to work for.


Company culture is incredibly important, and it refers to the shared values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours that characterize an organization. It is the collective personality of the company and shapes how employees interact with each other, approach their work, and perceive the overall work environment.


For 2023, The People’s Platform Award exclusively recognises and celebrates the companies at the forefront of workplace culture and employee innovation. Net Talent has been recognised among the companies that have proven they prioritise their people by creating rewarding and engaging cultures where their employees feel they can thrive.


This year's People’s Platform (Recruitment & Executive Search) honourees include both large and small companies within the Recruitment sector. Along with an in-depth review of current and future measurements, reports, and initiatives, we completed an anonymous inside survey with a specific set of open-ended questions designed to uncover how employees truly feel about their company.


People’s Platform also analysed the emotions behind over 60,000 employees' open-ended responses and determined if they mentioned specific keywords. Responses were also examined for multiple specific keywords and phrases, and the sentiment surrounding them was analysed.


The percentage of respondents per company is factored into the final analysis. The survey is a "sentiment" analysis where the far majority of weight is placed on the open-end responses.




The company culture is crucial for the following reasons:


1.  Employee Engagement and Productivity: A positive company culture fosters high employee engagement and productivity.


2.  Retention and Recruitment: A strong company culture helps attract and retain top talent. When employees feel valued, satisfied, and connected to the company culture, they are more likely to stay and contribute to the long-term success of the organization.


3. Collaboration and Teamwork: A positive culture encourages collaboration, teamwork, and effective communication among employees


4.  Employee Well-being: A supportive culture that promotes work-life balance, recognizes and rewards achievements, and provides opportunities for personal and professional growth creates a positive work environment that enhances the overall well-being of employees.


5.  Reputation and Branding: A strong company culture can enhance the reputation and branding of an organization. When a company has a positive culture, it reflects in its interactions with customers, partners, and the public.


6.  Adaptability and Resilience: A culture that encourages innovation, learning, and open communication enables employees to adapt to change, be resilient, and drive the organization forward.



 Hyer announced the Culture Excellence Series with our Q&A to show how Net Talent is re-designing the stereotypical recruitment consultancy model.


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