Contracting: freedom, flexibility and rewards

Contracting offers a different route for your career – with the chance to hop from role to role, stepping into different companies whenever they need your expertise.

It’s a way of working that comes with its rewards. While you can often earn much more than a permanent employee, you’ll miss out on benefits like paid holidays, pension and private healthcare, to name but a few. Because most contracts only last a few months, you’ll have the freedom to choose the assignments that interest you most. And, because it’s never too long before the next contract comes up, it’s an approach that offers real variety.

Whether you’re a seasoned contractor or you’d like to find out if it’s right for you, we can help. We’ve matched thousands of contractors to the right contract. Now it’s your turn.

How we work

We see ourselves as partners to contractors. So we don’t place contractors with clients then simply move on to the next thing. We’re here to support you from day one until it’s done – and we’ll be here for the next one too.

On the first day of your contract, we’ll check in to see that everything is ok. Then, at the end of the first week, we’ll be in touch again to make sure you’re happy and the work is what you expected. From there, we’ll check-in at week 3 and week 6, checking that the contract is running smoothly. And, two weeks before it’s all due to finish, we’ll get in touch with our client to see if they want to extend the assignment – and if they don’t, we’ll get to work finding your next contract.

Good to know

If you need to know anything about the relevant rules and regulations, our team is ready help. All you need to do is get in touch. In the meantime, here are a few useful bits and pieces that any contractor should know:

Public Sector Changes and Legislation 2017 ­– find out all you need to know here

An Umbrella Company provides a simple structure, where you become an employee of the company, while it charges the client for your work. An accountant can set it up, organising the invoicing, VAT returns, tax and book-keeping, in exchange for a monthly fee. It’s easy and effective, and a good route if you’re just getting started as a contractor.

A Limited Company is a good choice for long-term contractors. These must be registered in the UK and can be set up online, at Companies House or by a management company. You’ll then be the named Director of the company and responsible for its tax, VAT and book-keeping. The company can then be used as a 3rd party in business-to-business agreements between Net Talent and our clients.

Codes of Conduct & NDAs – Usually, you’ll have to sign a code of conduct and/or Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Criminal Record and Credit Checks – Many clients will ask for a credit check and/or a criminal record check, so you should have all the necessary information to hand.

You should also make sure you have other relevant documents ready, including signed contracts, Visa documents and passport, references, proof of ID and residence and proof of insurance.

IPSE (the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed) have a range of useful guides, including legislative advice. See what’s on offer on their site here.

IR35: We aim to make our contracts compliant with IR35 legislation, but we advise you to seek your own advice for your peace of mind. Find out more about IR35 on the Government’s site here.

Visas: To take on a contract with any of our clients, you must have a valid UK work permit. If you are from overseas, you can find the information on immigration and visa advice on the Government’s site here.




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