Can you help Students through these tough times ??

Posted 26/8/2021 by Yvonne Moffat

Tom Watson who is in his last year now at Uni was like many other students lost for a placement during covid, which is a huge part of their learning and development in their final years.  We seen an opportunity where we could offer Tom a paid placement in the Summer to work with us at Net Talent where he could learn hands on skills, and be paid too J

This blog is written by Tom and I though I would share this with you.

I have gained so much experience whilst working at Net Talent, improving my organisational and communication skills, particularly when speaking with candidates who applied for roles as well as communicating and managing external vendors within the organisation. I have also improved my problem solving skills in managing conflicting situations as well as expanding my network with colleagues and candidates.  


My experience at Net Talent will benefit me immensely in my final year in university, particularly when writing my dissertation. Not only will the skills I have gained benefit me with managing my time effectively and overcoming problems, the experience itself has given me an idea on the topic in which I will write my dissertation on. Having seen first-hand the practices in which Net Talent use that make it a highly effective and renowned company, and experiencing myself the effectiveness of how the company operates, it has generated several ideas for writing my dissertation.


Before working within Net Talent, I was unsure in what career I wanted to take, however, after working within the company and speaking to colleagues who have been in the company since they were graduates, as well as experiencing the ‘recruitment process’ first hand, it is definitely a career I would like to dive into. Not only is recruitment exciting, it gives you a sense of fulfilment in securing a candidate a job placement or finding a client that perfect candidate for a role in which they are seeking. I enjoy building relationships as well, which within this industry would allow me to meet so many people, both other recruiters within the industry and potential clients and candidates as well, where Net Talent is built upon building successful relationships.


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