“Digital” is the keyword for an effective recruitment journey

Posted 22/11/2022 by Arianna Adamo



The Office for National Statistic states that in June to August 2022, the number of unemployed people per vacancy fell to a record low of 0.9. The economic inactivity rate increased by 0.6 percentage points to 21.7% in June to August 2022, compared with the previous quarter (March to May 2022), which had a notably lower economic inactivity rate than other periods. 

Considering that the UK unemployment rate for June to August 2022 was as its lowest in almost 50 years at 3.5%, recruiters must differentiate themselves from the rest to attract top talent. Today the job search is conducted always online, on LinkedIn or other online platforms. Recruiters must involve candidates in the digital field, where they live, they express themselves every day, where they’re looking for jobs. It’s important investing in a high-performing website, social media’s posts, videos, brand image, company’s environment. Jason Martin, Strategy Director for Access Recruitment states that digital transformation is a key driver for recruitment agencies looking to build relationships with clients and candidates effectively, as well as to drive internal efficiencies.

ARTICLE BY: Jason Martin, Strategy Director - Access Recruitment

Glassdoor reports that it takes an average of 27.3 days for a candidate to go through the hiring process. So, in almost one month it is possible to lose a good candidate, his interest, receiving offers through multiple channels. Consultants must move candidates through the recruitment process quickly and this is the real challenge. Automation provides a helping hand in this area. Digital transformation provides new opportunities for recruitment agencies to streamline and enhance the candidate journey.

What do we mean by digital transformation of recruitment?

For some companies, digital transformation means change how they operate (internal) or how they interact with customers (external). In most cases, though, digital transformation is acquiring tech and data solutions to simplify or eliminate admin tasks and increase efficiency in the hiring process. Thanks to the digital transformation we can find a better productivity, we can improve metrics, reports and efficiency, evaluate in an easier way the candidate, using the filtering options in the applications, improve the access to the talent.

Article: Digital transformation of recruitment: How can you benefit?



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