#DDD Scotland

Posted 15/2/2018 by Darren Dalrymple

#DDD Scotland 

Net Talent sponsored the fantastic DDD event in Glasgow.

We were approached by the team who were organising this event as they were looking for a specialist IT recruitment partner to not only fund but help facilitate this truly brilliant Development event in the heart of Glasgow.  Our mission is to be entrenched in the industry in which we recruit, and as technical recruiters, it would not be possible to service our clients and candidates in the best way possible without being industry experts. Having an involvement in #DDDScotland was a wonderful way for us to contribute, network and educate ourselves on the latest technology trends and developments.


Whilst listening to the fantastic speakers on Saturday, one overriding theme became apparent to us. A company, product or project is only as good as the people working on it. The best companies have the best people, it’s as simple as that. With the hiring landscape for developers more competitive than ever, it is important for companies to invest in recruitment, on-boarding and retention of staff. We understand the importance of recruitment, and how vital it is to hire the right people at the right time.

Net Talent are fortunate to partner with some of the very best companies throughout the UK, Europe and now in the USA. We are proud of the success we’ve had in delivering recruitment projects for a huge variety of companies, from FTSE 100 giants to brand new start-ups – where arguably hiring the right people is most important.

We feel thrilled to be so heavily involved and invested in the community and know this results in the best service on the market for both candidates seeking a new role and for the clients who are growing the development teams.


We’d like to thank all the organisers and volunteers for the part you played in making this event happen. The event was a roaring success and we thoroughly look forward to next time!


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