2023 State of Software Engineers

Posted 5/9/2023 by Arianna Adamo



Hired, the leading AI-driven hiring marketplace matching tech and sales talent with top companies, released its annual report, Big Transitions in the Tech Industry: Hired's 2023 State of Software Engineers.


Key Findings

• Despite volatility in the market, engineers are largely optimistic about the future. When asked about the ripples of downsizing in the industry, 68% of engineers remain confident they’ll remain employed.

• As lifelong learners, 69% of software engineers are highly motivated by new challenges and continuous learning. Others are motivated to pursue the profession by building products/solutions and problem[1]solving (66%) and third, earning potential and career stability (60%).

• Salaries grew year over year, some as much as 18%. Overall, UK engineering salaries increased by 8% YoY (2021 to 2022).

• For UK employers, the most in-demand skill from software engineers overall is Redux, the same as last year. In 2022, software engineers in the UK received an average of 5.7 interview requests. Engineers with Redux aptitude received 1.45x the interview requests compared to the average candidate. The most in-demand skills from UK employers are Redux, TypeScript, and React Native, respectively.

• Backend, full stack, and frontend engineers are still highly sought after by employers. Repeating 2021, the top three most in[1]demand roles are for backend, full stack, and frontend engineers, in that order. They receive the majority of interview requests compared to other software engineering roles.











"We've witnessed an incredible shift in the tech hiring landscape since we published 2022's report," says Josh Brenner, Hired CEO. "After significant rounds of layoffs in the last few quarters, employers and candidates alike are finding their footing for 2023.


The job reports and declining unemployment rates, however, are promising, and companies in various sectors are still hiring. It may feel more quiet than a year ago, but we're optimistic this 'tech winter' is thawing. For instance, our data shows a shift in hiring strategies as more companies pursue senior candidates and certain coding skills. Most continue to prioritize remote roles, despite some high-profile companies calling to 'Return to Office.'


Tech workers, hiring managers, and talent professionals are wildly resourceful and creative problem-solvers. We're here to help them navigate this quickly evolving climate to make hiring more equitable, efficient and transparent for all."











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