AI economy: Microsoft’s commitment to digital skills in the UK

Posted 19/10/2023 by Arianna Adamo


Microsoft is collaborating with learning partners to scale AI content and free digital training resources and courses, through “Get On” programme on Microsoft’s five-year initiative. Through Get On commitment, they're helping 2.5 million people gain access to the skills needed for the AI economy and connecting 300,000 to tech job opportunities by 2025.


New research conducted by YouGov for Microsoft, reveals that 54% of business leaders surveyed are concerned their workforce lacks the skills to make the most of the AI opportunity. With rapid advancements in AI, including the arrival of large language models (LLM), the way people work and broader business models are changing.


“The UK has a very real opportunity to be a leader in the era of AI, but as our research shows, there are barriers stopping the UK turning its ambition into action.” Commented Clare Barclay, CEO of Microsoft UK. “Every job will soon be supported by AI and we need innovative people, with the right skills, to fill those jobs. That’s why Microsoft is expanding its skills commitment. By 2025 we will support one million people to gain the AI skills they need to start, or move into, a career in technology. And in doing so, we will open up the opportunities of AI to diverse talent across the UK.”


When it comes to future-proofing business, only a quarter (25%) of business leaders surveyed have plans in place to recruit the right talent to successfully implement AI across their organisations. Meanwhile just 26% have completed training to improve their understanding about how to use AI in their job.


Andy Turner, Managing Director, Fast Lane, said: “Like Microsoft, we have always been committed to making technology education and skills accessible and inclusive for all, especially on technologies such as AI and Machine Learning that are now moving into the DNA of every product and process, which in turn enables new digital business models.


AI is fast becoming the cornerstone of innovation across all industries throughout the world, we aim to help both individuals and organisations to become truly data-driven so that they can achieve remarkable results by taking the appropriate approach.”


Microsoft’s expanded AI resources will focus on three key areas:


1) Building AI fluency: Enabling workers, job seekers and AI-curious self-learners to build AI knowledge and understanding including responsible deployment. New non-profit partnerships with Generation, Catch22 and The Prince’s Trust to support individuals who face greater barriers to employment opportunity.


2) Developing AI technical skills: Enable those with AI knowledge to develop their technical skills and achieve certification through free, online self-learn training on modules including machine learning and data analysis.


3) Supporting AI business transformation: Support business leaders to manage AI transformation and worker upskilling across new AI products and services in order to take advantage of growth opportunities



Becoming a world leader In the age of AI


Luke Mckend, Senior Director, LinkedIn Talent Solutions, UK, says: “AI is accelerating workplace change, reshaping the skills needed for jobs and careers across industries. And while many professionals are keen to use AI within their jobs, they understandably feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount there is to learn and are looking for support.


For the UK to achieve its ambition of becoming a world leader in the age of AI, we need to make it as easy as possible for people to gain AI skills. Businesses will play a huge role in empowering their workforce with both the skills and confidence they’ll need to realise AI’s full potential – using the technology to take on some of the heavy lifting and remove the drudgery from day-to-day tasks, so people can focus on the high-value parts of their work.”


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