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Posted 21/2/2024 by Yvonne Miller

Back to school! Yesterday, Net Talent had the pleasure of representing ourselves at the first meeting of the new Industry Advisory Board at Edinburgh Napier University. We were warmly welcomed by the team, who have created this group to explore ways for industry leaders and alumni to guide and support both the University and its students within the Cyber Security & Systems Engineering schools.

It was a great opportunity to meet new people, engage in interesting conversation, and gain varying perspectives on how we can help smooth the transition from academia into industry. As industry leaders, it's important that we provide guidance and support to ensure the academic curriculum meets industry demands as it continually evolves.

We look forward to continuing to support the University and its students in any way we can. Thank you to the team for a fantastic first meeting!

Shout out to Dr Zibby Kwecka FCIIS for the tour and the pictures!

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