Net Talent Christmas Party

Posted // by Yvonne Moffat

What a fantastic time we all had at Net Talent’s Christmas party, with our secret santa, dressing up in our double jumper and having a sing-a-long. Not to mention an incredible meal in the private dining room of Kyloe in Edinburgh's west end. 

Our CEO says:

"We have such an incredible team here who are genuinely inspirational, driven and above all do the “right thing” for both client and candidate.  Taking both on the journey through the process and being honest and supportive is key to recruitment, its not just a CV for a placement - there is a lot more to it than that."

“I believe we have the right talent in our company who all do the right thing every day and I can honestly say, it’s the best team I have ever worked with in my career. Coming to work every day is never dull here at Net Talent we all get along extremely well as we have trust and commitment - not to mention a lot of fun along the way.

Thank you to everyone in our company who make this an incredible place to work"


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