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Posted 16/1/2019 by Yvonne Moffat

Yesterday evening we were delighted to attend the ScotlandIS Tech Trends 2019 event.  The event was hosted by Burness Paull and presented by Richard Marshall. 

The aim of the event was to give an insight in to future technology and software development trends and how they will impact businesses, society and the country.  With so many varying factors surrounding change it was fascinating to get an expert opinion.

Some fantastic topics were covered across the evening and some of the personal highlights were in the areas of:

  • Tech inequality
  • Robotic Developers
  • Data Transformation
  • Self-Services
  • Ethics

One thing that stood out was the relationship between trust and change.  There needs to be a high level trust in new technology’s to allow change.

This got me thinking that sometimes we get so excited about the shiny new exciting things and lose focus on the most important thing - trust. 

Recruitment is an industry where new technology and innovations are appearing on a daily basis. This can be new search techniques, video interviews and many other innovations but before any of these we need trust. 

In a world where there is already a lot of mistrust it is important that in one of the biggest changes in your life (a career move) you ensure trust is the centre of everything you do.  This leads to a key question – How to find a recruiter you can trust?

  1. Treats you like an individual customer – they want your experience to be individual, unique and enjoyable. 
  2. They have done research to get to know you – They want to know YOU and not just your C.V.
  3. Time Line – A trustworthy recruitment consultant will agree a suitable timeline with you and work towards this, they understand you won’t just move for the first job. 
  4. Communication & Honesty – A good recruiter will keep in touch and understand negative feedback is not always a bad thing.  This can be used as a positive and can drastically improve career options.
  5. Market Knowledge – You know you can trust someone when they know what they are talking about.

When the next time comes for you to make a change in life, remember not to be distracted by the exciting top line but look at the trust and long term effect.


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