Edinburgh and Glasgow fight with London to fill tech jobs

Posted 11/6/2019 by Jane Gibb

Digital Economy Council report says cities outside south-east drive growing sector.

Edinburgh and Glasgow are competing with London to fill jobs in a tech sector that is now bigger than construction, according to new analysis. The research shows that 48,118 people are employed in the digital tech sector on salaries almost 15% higher than average.

Released today by the UK Government's Digital Economy Council, the report shows that the UK's fast-growing tech clusters around the country - particularly Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belfast – are competing with London and the south-east. The report also highlights the inclusive nature of the tech sector with companies of all sizes hiring staff with broader business skills including consultant, accountants, public relations staff and marketeers. The report reveals a strong need for HR and legal professionals across the digital tech sector.


Gerard Grech, CEO of Tech Nation, said: “With over 2.1 million people working in digital technology in 2018, the tech economy is bigger than sectors like hospitality and construction.

“However, increasingly, those lines are getting blurred, with technology jobs crossing over into the mainstream sectors like financial services and health, helping them evolve and stay competitive and productive.

“As countries transition to network based economies in a globalised future, the need for tech jobs and skills is reaching a generational high point, which is why this report is so timely and important in highlighting how the demand for tech skills continues to evolve and grow over time across the UK.”


Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell said: “Scotland’s tech sector is thriving, with numerous innovative companies that are based here making major contributions in artificial intelligence, fintech and gaming.

“I am pleased to see Edinburgh is one of only two places in the UK that can command higher salaries than the London average, with the median salary for tech roles more than £40,000.

“The UK Government continues to champion Scotland’s booming tech sector, supporting its growth and ensuring it continues to offer high quality jobs.”


Skyscanner CEO Bryan Dove said: “It’s never been a more exciting time to be a technology company in the UK.

“We are seeing more and more great businesses and that's a testament to the quality and diversity of talented people living and moving to the UK.

“While Skyscanner is a global company, our roots are in the UK with 60% of our team based between Edinburgh, Glasgow and London.

“We're lucky to be part of a thriving tech community in each of these cities: communities which demonstrate the strength of the sector across the nation."


Stuart Lunn, CEO and founder of LendingCrowd, said: “LendingCrowd has grown rapidly and we are proud to be part of Edinburgh’s thriving tech ecosystem.

“But as we grow, we need access to a greater range of skills that will complement the tech talent we already have.

“Tech sector roles are not just for people with coding or engineering skills but can provide great jobs for people with all sorts of creative and problem-solving skills.”



Source: insider.co.uk


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