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Posted 7/5/2019 by Jane Gibb

Meet Principle Consultant Henry, our industrious, straight-talking high achiever! A Cambridge Scholar and amateur masterchef, Henry brings lots of laughs to the office with his quick-wit and infectious energy.  


Hi Henry! Before we talk about life at Net Talent, can you tell us a bit about your background?

Sure! I grew up in sunny Dorset, studied History at Cambridge University, and then moved to Edinburgh after graduating. I used to split my time between academic stuff at University (like studying, and involvement in a lot of political societies) and unwinding in the countryside and on the beaches at home, where I’d spend a lot of time fishing, camping, and generally exploring the great outdoors!


So, how did you become interested in recruitment?

Shortly after graduating I was approached by a rec-to-rec about possibly considering a career in recruitment. The role was in a location that didn’t suit, but I was fascinated to learn about such a high-energy industry. Plus, I’ve always loved getting to the bottom of what makes people tick – their drivers, interests, and even their dislikes – so it just seemed a perfect fit!


How did you end up at Net Talent?

After moving to Edinburgh I identified IT as being one of the more attractive markets to recruit in, and did a lot of research into the different agencies in the city. Net Talent immediately stood out for a number of reasons. Having just moved to a new city, I was keen to get my career underway quickly, and whilst there was interest from a few other companies, I felt such a connection with the people I had met during the interview process that the decision was an easy one!


The feeling was mutual! Can you tell us what your role entails?

As a Principal Consultant in the Sales team, I am responsible for building new client relationships in the Open Source and Data space across the East Coast of Scotland. This requires keeping up-to-date on the market and demonstrating to prospective clients the value of Net Talent’s market-leading service. I strive to partner with the most desirable, high-tech scale ups and starts, but also need to keep excellent relationships with a large network of professionals, regardless of if they are actively looking for a new role or not.


What’s your favourite thing about Net Talent?

Honestly, so there are so many things! I love the great reputation we have – as a company, but also on an individual level - and the access this gives us to some of the most amazing and successful tech companies in the world is brilliant. A huge amount of trust is placed in you right from the start, and unlike the traditional image of recruitment, I’m given loads of autonomy to focus on the work that I want to. Edinburgh is one of the world’s leading start-up hubs, and I’m free to immerse myself in that as much as I possibly can!


What has been your proudest achievement to date?

This changes a fair bit. For example, there are specific clients I have helped Net Talent partner with that I am very proud of, I’m involved in the brilliant Careers Ready scheme, and I’ve been lucky to enjoy a good few promotions. However, I think reaching my 5 year anniversary this February would be my proudest achievement so far. To have seen how Net Talent has evolved over this time, staying ahead of the curve, and continuing to deliver new levels of excellence, really is a journey I am delighted to have been a part of. We are a very different business now to that which I joined back in early 2014, and I can’t wait to see what successes the next 5 years bring!


Thanks Henry!



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We recruit people who demonstrate the right attitude and behaviours and coach and mentor them in our working philosophy and practice. This includes those searching for a professional career, as well as a number of recent graduates. The result is a team of like-minded people who actively enjoy each other’s company and instinctively know how to do the right thing.

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